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The fair races below are listed as originally submitted. As race dates are moved or cancelled, updates will be made accordingly when they are reported to the USTA.

Date Track City
3, 4, 10, 11 Miami County Fair CONVERSE
18, 19 Harrison County Fair CORYDON
23, 24 Shelby County Fair SHELBYVILLE
8 Jayland Trotting Association PORTLAND
11 Newton County Fair KENTLAND
13 Noble County Fair KENDALLVILLE
14, 15 Clinton County Fair FRANKFORT
20, 21 Shelby County Fair SHELBYVILLE
27, 28 Fayette County Free Fair CONNERSVILLE
3, 4, 25 Shelby County Fair SHELBYVILLE
8 Jayland Trotting Association PORTLAND
12, 13, 13, 31 Indiana State Fair Indianapolis
19 Miami County Fair CONVERSE
29 Clinton County Fair FRANKFORT
4 Indiana State Fair Indianapolis
12 Fayette County Free Fair CONNERSVILLE
26 Harrison County Fair CORYDON
10 Jayland Trotting Association PORTLAND

"Fairs are listed on fairs.ustrotting.com once their current year track membership application is received by the USTA. For a complete list of fairs, consult a state's condition book or contact the individual state's governing body."