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Alphabetical Listing of States with County Fair Racing

  Alabama Missouri
  Florida New York
  Georgia North Carolina
  Illinois North Dakota
  Indiana Ohio
  Iowa Pennsylvania
  Kentucky Tennessee
  Maine Vermont
  Maryland Virginia
  Michigan West Virginia
  Minnesota Wisconsin

Fairs are listed on fairs.ustrotting.com once their current year track membership application is received by the USTA. For a complete list of fairs, consult a state's condition book or contact the individual state's governing body.
 Upcoming Fairs
May 27 Keokuk County Fair (IA)
Jun 5, 6, 12, 13 Miami County Fair (IN)
Jun 8 Decatur-Macon County Fair (IL)
Jun 8 Taylor County Fair (IA)
Jun 10 Martinsville Agricultural Fair (IL)
Jun 10, 11, 12 Paulding County Fair (OH)
Jun 13, 14 Wapello County Regional Fair (IA)
Jun 15, 16 Erie County Fair (PA)
Jun 15, 29 Keokuk County Fair (IA)
Jun 15, 16, 17 Pickaway County Fair (OH)
Jun 20 Afton Driving Park (NY)
Jun 21, 22 Southern Iowa Fair (IA)
Jun 22 Iowa County Fair (WI)
Jun 24 McCracken County Fair (KY)
Jun 25, 26 Putnam County Fair (OH)
Jun 26 Henry County Fair (IL)
Jun 27, 28 Big Butler Fair (PA)
Jun 27, 28 Shelby County Fair (IN)
Jun 28, 29 Jasper County Fair (IL)
Jul 1, 2 Marion County Fair (OH)
Jul 2 Marion County Fair (KY)
Jul 4 Cannon Valley Fair (MN)
Jul 4, 5, 6, 7 Goshen Historic Track (NY)
Jul 5, 6 Clinton County Fair (IN)
Jul 7, 8 Trumbull County Fair (OH)
Jul 7 Walworth County Fair (WI)
Jul 8 Knox County Fair (IL)
Jul 8 Wayne County Fair (IL)
Jul 9, 10 Logan County Fair (OH)
Jul 9 Washington County Fair (KY)
Jul 10 Erie County Fair (NY)
Jul 10 Jayland Trotting Association (IN)
Jul 10 Lee County Fair (IA)
Jul 10 Lycoming County Fair (PA)