Putting on a Race Program at Your Fair

Program Covers

Using Adobe Acrobat, you can personalize our stock program covers with your fair information - just type your fair information in the blue boxes, save and print or email to your printer!

Program Fillers

Do you have short fields where your past performances only take up half of the page? Below are some program fillers/stock ads and instructions on how to insert them onto your past performance pages.

  • How to insert program filler ads

    • Adobe Acrobat Standard (PDF)
    • Adobe Acrobat Pro (PDF)
  • Quarter Page Fillers

    • Vertical - Generic Fairs PDF JPEG
      Vertical - Hoof Beats Magazine JPEG
      Vertical - New Vocations Racehorse Adoption
         Option A PDF
         Option B PDF
      Horizontal - Brady Brown (PA) JPEG
      Horizontal - Aaron Johnston (PA) JPEG
      Horizontal - Nick Roland (IA) JPEG
      Horizontal - Approximate Payoffs PDF
      Horizontal - Place Your Bets PDF
      Horizontal - Hoof Beats Magazine JPEG
  • Third Page Fillers

    • Drew Monti (NY) JPEG
      Harness Racing Museum PDF JPEG
      How to Read the Toteboard PDF
      Types of Wagers PDF
  • Half Page Fillers

    • Harness Racing Museum PDF JPEG
      Rick Magee (WI - National) JPEG
      Marcus Miller (IL) JPEG
      How to Read the Toteboard/Approx. Payoffs PDF
  • Full Page Fillers

    • Race Sponsors/Officials Page PDF
      Hoof Beats Magazine JPEG
      Common Equipment Worn by
         Pacer PDF
         Trotter PDF
  • How to Read a Program

    • Shartin N PDF
      Illinois - Meyer on Fire PDF
      Maine - Noble Yaz PDF
      Minnesota - Burning Blaze PDF
      New York - Golden Gypsy PDF
      Ohio - So Romantic PDF
      Pennsylvania - Sure R Lookin Good PDF
      Wisconsin - Nordic Thunder PDF

Other Information

Best Practices Manual

This was written specifically for putting on a race meet in Ohio, but will assist anyone in putting on a race meet, no matter what state you are in. We pulled a couple sections out to download separately, but you can also download the manual in its entirety.

Seasonal Checklists

Below are a couple checklists of things to do to prepare your fairgrounds for a race meet:

Track Specifications

If you are looking to build a track or update the one you have, please take a look at these track specifications

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