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Putting on a Race Program at Your Fair

Best Practices Manual

This was written specifically for putting on a race meet in Ohio, but will assist anyone in putting on a race meet, no matter what state you are in. We pulled a couple sections out to download separately, but you can also download the manual in its entirety.

Conducting a Draw
Race Official Duties
Entire Best Practices Manual

Seasonal Checklists

Below are a couple checklists of things to do to prepare your fairgrounds for a race meet:

Month Prior to Your fair

Program Covers

Using Adobe Acrobat, you can personalize our stock program covers with your fair information - just type your fair information in the blue boxes, save and print or email to your printer!
Cover #1Color
Cover #2 Color
Cover #3 Color
Cover #4 B&W
Cover #5 B&W
Cover #6 Color B&W

Program Fillers

Do you have short fields where your past performances only take up half of the page? Below are some program fillers/stock ads and instructions on how to insert them onto your past performance pages.
  • How to insert program filler ads
    • Adobe Acrobat Standard (PDF)
    • Adobe Acrobat Pro (PDF)
  • Quarter Page Fillers
    • Vertical - Generic Fairs PDFJPEG
      Vertical - Hoof Beats Magazine JPEG
      Horizontal - New Vocations Racehorse AdoptionPDFJPEG
      Horizontal - Brady Brown (PA) JPEG
      Horizontal - Aaron Johnston (PA) JPEG
      Horizontal - Nick Roland (IA) JPEG
      Horizontal - Approximate Payoffs PDF
      Horizontal - Place Your Bets PDF
      Horizontal - Hoof Beats Magazine JPEG
  • Third Page Fillers
  • Half Page Fillers
    • Harness Racing Museum PDF JPEG
      Rick Magee (WI - National) JPEG
      Marcus Miller (IL) JPEG
      100 Years in Harness (book) JPEG
      How to Read the Toteboard/Approx. Payoffs PDF
  • Full Page Fillers
    • Common Equipment - PacerPDF
      Common Equipment - TrotterPDF
      Harness Racing FanZonePDFJPEG
      Harness Racing FanZone (color)PDFJPEG
      Own a Racehorse PDF JPEG
      Own a Racehorse (color)PDF JPEG
      Race Sponsors/Officials Page PDF
      Hoof Beats Magazine JPEG
  • How to Read a Program
    • Always B Miki PDF
      Maine - Noble Yaz PDF
      Minnesota - Liquor'skwikker PDF
      New York - Bonita Island PDF
      Ohio - Jailhouse Sam PDF
      Pennsylvania - Cruiserwillwin PDF
      Wisconsin - New Achiever PDF

Track Specifications

If you are looking to build a track or update the one you have, please take a look at these track specifications

Half Mile

Other Links

USTA Rule Book
Track Forms

 Upcoming Fairs